PDXPUG May meeting: Introductory Database Education at PSU – Len Shapiro

Where: FreeGeek
When: Thurs May 21, 7pm

Beer afterwards at the Lucky Lab (a mere 2-3 blocks away!)

What Len’s going to talk about:

I’ll survey how I teach the introductory database course at PSU. My goal for the talk is to elicit suggestions for how I could do a better job. The theme of the course is “transforming data into Information”. I use a 200 Meg database, hosted on PostgreSQL, instead of the one-slide databases used in typical intro courses, to illustrate the principles of the course. The database is Federal Elections Commission data re donations to candidates, so queries often reflect real questions about the real data.

Bio: Len Shapiro has been a professor at PSU for 23 years. His research interests are primarily in query processing.