PDXPUG October Meeting!

Where: FreeGeek
When: 7pm
Who: Selena Deckelmann
Topic: Bucardo: Replication with tiny little goats

Bucardo is a multi-master/master-slave replication system written in Perl that is pretty sweet. It’s got a newly-revamped user interface, easy-to-use status indicators, and some cool features that the other major replication systems don’t have. With a release-early, release-often philosphy, features are being implemented and improved rapidly. Bucardo is currently deployed at several large ecommerce businesses, and has been a production-ready system for about 4 years. Greg Sabino Mullane is the primary developer, and the engineers working with Bucardo have created a wiki, and are writing up test cases to help new folks get started right now.

Beer/hackathon crashing at the SE Lucky Lab afterwards, as usual.

See you there!