PDXPUG: October Meeting

Where: FreeGeek
Who: Aurynn Shaw
What: Postgres and Node.js

Postgres and Node.js, a powerful event-driven programming environment paired with our favourite open-source database, now together in the same great package! Aurynn will be going over the node.js environment, how it differs from other programming environments, and how to use postgres with node.

Aurynn Shaw is Lead Userspace Developer at Command Prompt, Inc.”;http://pugs.postgresql.org/node/1650
2010-01-04 16:28:39+00;January Meeting: OBAMA!;”John Naylor will be talking about his experience in Florida as a data manager for President Obama’s 2008 campaign. He will discuss the role of data in political campaigns, and also refactor some data warehouse queries. Donuts and bacon provided.

Refreshments will be partaken at the Lucky Labrador Pub in SE Portland afterward. PDX.pm Hackathon crashing will ensue.