PDXPUG: July meeting

This is going to ROCK.

When: 7-9pm Thu July 21, 2011
Where: FreeGeek
Who: Dr Christopher Monsere
What: Data Visualization and Exploration Techniques Using R and Postgres

Many civil engineering students have limited exposure to large-scale, messy, empirical data sets, lack basic programming skills, are fuzzy on basic statistical concepts, and have few graphical analyses tools. This presentation will summarize efforts to develop an introductory graduate level course to teach students some of these fundamental skills. In the class, students connect R to the regional transportation data archive at PSU’s Intelligent Transportation Systems Lab housed in Postgres. The presentation will showcase some of the interesting data visualizations we’ve created, advantages of making this connection, as well as some the limitations.

Dr. Christopher M. Monsere is an Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science at Portland State University. Dr. Monsere’s primary research interests are in the areas of multimodal transportation safety; management and dissemination of large transportation datasets; and improvements in transportation operations. http://web.cecs.pdx.edu/~monserec/about.htm

As always, beer afterwards at the Lucky Lab. See you there!