PDXPUG October Meeting in two weeks

When: 7-9pm Thu October 20, 2011
Where: Iovation **note location change!**
Who: Brent Dombrowski
What: Upgrading PostGIS from 8.something to 9.0

This month we’ll be hearing from Brent Dombrowski. Brent says: “”I spent this summer at the Center for Coastal Margin Observation and Prediction migrating a PostGIS-enabled PostgreSQL database to the latest stable releases. I’ll cover my experience migrating the database and my amateur attempts to improve its performance after the migration. Note: This will not cover what PostGIS can do, but will cover what you need to add PostGIS to PosgreSQL.””

Brent is a graduate student at Portland State pursuing an MS in Computer Science. He’s completed the Database track and plans on graduating next Spring.

This month we’ll be having our meeting on the west side, at Iovation, 111 SW 5th (5th & Oak). It’s right on the Green & Yellow Max lines. Underground bike parking is available in the parking garage; outdoors all around the block in the usual spots. No bikes in the office, sorry!

The office is on the 32nd floor. Pizza & bevs will be served around 6:15pm; the regular meeting will start at the usual 7pm time. Building security will close access to the floor at 7:30, so make sure you’re on time.

After-meeting meeting location will be Bailey’s or Tugboat, determined by a coin toss. See you there!