OSCON 2012 Booth and BOF session report

Birds of a Feather session report:

We had about 20 attendees at the BoF Wednesday night.  Gabrielle, Bruce and I forged ahead without visual aids (there wasn’t a projector available) and talked about some highlights from the 9.2 release, then had a Q&A session for the remainder of the hour.

Booth report:

– Almost all of the old shirts are gone.  We have a few small women’s shirts left, but that’s it.
– The stickers were popular.
– We sold 4 of Mark’s amigurumi elephants, and raffled one off in the BOF.
– There are a couple of booth photos here: http://chelnik.tumblr.com/

We had fewer visitors than past years, despite this being the biggest OSCON ever.  Our booth was off to the side, facing away from the expo hall, and I think people didn’t know we were there.  Ubuntu had a booth right next to us, and Gabrielle heard on the Ubuntu list that a couple people couldn’t find their booth either, so I think booth placement had a lot to do with our reduced traffic.

As always, thank you to our booth volunteers – PDXPUG members and friends from Intel, Jive, and THRPD:
Ed Snajder
David Throckmorton
Jesse Hallett
Michael Ewan
Michael Brewer & his green trombone
And thanks to Josh Berkus for getting shirts for the volunteers!
Special thanks to Jennifer Wyld for helping include MongoDB in our amigurumi family.

2 thoughts on “OSCON 2012 Booth and BOF session report

  1. It was hard to find the booth. I went in to the expo hall specifically looking for the Postgres and EnterpriseDB booths. I didn’t find it until the 3rd lap.

    • Hi Scott! Yeah, the open source projects were kind off off in a backwater, weren’t we. I spoke with one of the organizers about that and hope for better placement next year.

      Thanks for coming by!

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