PDXPUG: August meeting in two weeks

When: 7-9pm Thu August 16, 2012
Where: Iovation
Who: David Kerr
What: Vertically Scaling Postgres

Horizontal Scaling is all the rage today with commodity and virtual servers coupled with Puppet, Slony, etc. or Streaming Replication making it so easy to have a ton of small servers configured similarly all running multiple copies of your database.

But what’s the fun in that?

This talk will be about scaling Postgres Vertically on large machines and the challenges and lessons learned from working on big beefy servers.

Dave Kerr is the Lead Database Administrator and Architect for the Northwest Evaluation Association. He’s been working with databases for 15 years with the past four being dedicated solely to Postgres.

Our meeting will be held at Iovation, on the 32nd floor of the US Bancorp Tower at 111 SW 5th (5th & Oak). It’s right on the Green & Yellow Max lines. Underground bike parking is available in the parking garage; outdoors all around the block in the usual spots. No bikes in the office, sorry!

Building security will close access to the floor at 7:30.

After-meeting beer location TBD, but is likely to be Huber’s. See you there!