PDXPUG: February meeting this week

When: 7-9pm Thu Feb 21, 2013
Where: Iovation
Who: Selena Deckelmann
What: Dawn of a New Backup Era

Backing up PostgreSQL, like most any database, has never been a simple situation.

Come learn about the latest in backup tools for PostgreSQL. Core tools like pg_basebackup have replaced most of what experienced DBAs used to write shell scripts for. We’ve also got a quiver of third-party tools that compliment and improve upon the core.

Finally, every backup plan needs a solid testing and restore routine. Selena will share a couple useful tricks for getting this into a regular cycle of updates that your developers and operations team both can use and appreciate.

Selena Deckelmann is a major contributor to PostgreSQL, runs conferences, and keeps chickens. She’s also one of the founders of PDXPUG.