PDXPUG: March meeting: Autovacuum and You

When: 7-9pm Thu March 21, 2013
Where: Iovation
Who: Gabrielle Roth
What: Autovacuum and You

Autovacuum’s like a Roomba, right? You just turn it on and it does all the work for you. Well, not quite – for one, your pets can’t ride around on it – and occasionally it may get stuck in a (figurative) corner. In this talk, we’ll discuss vacuum, analyze, and their daemonic counterparts: how to adjust them to perform appropriately*, and perhaps more importantly, what the heck are they actually doing?

This is a beginner-to-intermediate level talk, but you will learn something new about vacuuming, regardless.**

Gabrielle Roth is a consultant with EnterpriseDB. She specializes in network, database, and system monitoring, as well as abusing SQL.

Our meeting will be held at Iovation, on the 32nd floor of the US Bancorp Tower at 111 SW 5th (5th & Oak). It’s right on the Green & Yellow Max lines. Underground bike parking is available in the parking garage; outdoors all around the block in the usual spots. No bikes in the office, sorry!

Building security will close access to the floor at 7:30.

After-meeting beer location: Huber’s, the oldest bar in Portland. See you there!

* No hairballs were harmed in the making of this talk.
** Offer void in California, New Hampshire, and if you are Tom Lane.

State of the Portland PostgreSQL Performance Pad

Wikipedia recently donated two Dell PowerEdge 2950s for the Pg QA Platform. Mark Wong & I have made a few trips out to the colo to get them racked up and online (with Chelnik‘s help, of course.)

We were quite surprised when we received the servers; Wikipedia included full rackmount kits, instructions, and cables, all in the original packaging. More than we expected, and much appreciated!

Unfortunately, after installing the OS, one of the PowerEdges had a spontaneous failure of its RAID controller. Troubleshooting continues, but at this time it looks like that box is destined to be a “parts car”. Naturally, one of the other servers took that as a cue to reject *its* raid controller. (Why does this happen?) That server was hooked up to the Powervaults, so we don’t have a NAS right now.

Once we get all this sorted out, we’ll be consolidating projects on to the remaining servers.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the new equipment, and to CMD for continuing to sponsor hosting at SpireTech.