PDXPUG: June meeting recap

We had a pretty good turnout for the lightning talks last week, despite competing with the OSBridge party.

Final talk lineup:
Gabrielle Roth: experiments with big .pgpass files
Mark Wong: updates to pg_top and pg_proctab
Ed Snajder: replication time trials*
Garlynn Woodsong: Urban Footprint
Jay R: Sieve of Eratosthenes
Mark Wong: teaser trailer for YAMS

After the talks, we compared licensing and costs of SQLServer, Oracle, and Postgres. Guess who’s winning.

Packt donated hard copies of PostgreSQL 9.0 High Performance and the PostgreSQL 9 Admin Cookbook for us to give away. Thanks, Packt! Winners were chosen by a roll of a 30-sided die (aka rhombic triacontahedron) that Brian had knocking around in his pannier.

Our July meeting will be held during OSCON week. We’ll publish final details closer to the meeting date.

Thanks again to Iovation for hosting our meetings!

* Ed blew away Selena’s previously held record of 6 minutes. Time for a rematch!


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  1. Its our pleasure in giving away books for user groups. On behalf of Packt I would like to thank Gabrielle, Mark and Selena for collaborating with us.

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