Streaming Rep Saturday

We’re having a lab day!

When: Sat Jan 25, 10am-2pm (lunch provided)
Where: Emma, B-side 6 Building, 5th floor

Come experiment with streaming rep in a friendly environment with a delicious lunch and beverages, instead of in a crisis environment with your boss breathing down your neck.

Agenda, as much as we ever have one:
– Discussion of the various configurations (streaming rep, hot standby, etc)
– Actual setup
– Is it working?
– Discussion of results
– If time allows, we’ll come up with creative ways to break it and look at what’s required to recover.

As for previous labs, we have limited space. Please sign up here.

Please come prepared with a laptop with two VMs, both with the latest version of Postgres installed. If you don’t have a laptop, we can set up VMs for you on the community equipment – please indicate that when you sign up, because we need some lead time to do that.

If you have any tips, tricks, questions, or horror stories, please bring those, too!

Lunch provided by EnterpriseDB.
Space provided by Emma.