[PDXPUG] Streaming Rep Saturday Recap

6 folks turned out for our first Streaming Replication lab day. Here’s what we accomplished:

– lively discussion about the different pieces involved (WAL files, various GUCs, etc)
– worked on a step-by-step cheatsheet
– got sr running between two vms, between two Pg instances on the same VM on different ports, and between two Pg instances on the same VM via unix sockets
– learned some new tools (terminator, anyone?)
– spread the \e love

There will be a followup to this lab, as we didn’t cover everything we wanted to, and (of course) created more questions for ourselves.

Thanks to everyone who attended for taking time to hang out inside on a sunny day, and to EDB and Emma for lunch and facilities!

Our next regular meeting will be Thursday Feb 20th; watch for the announcement next week.


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    • Yep! It’s on github right now, I just don’t want to post a link because it’s not really ready for public consumption yet. 🙂 There are some mistakes in it.

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