Streaming Rep Lab, Part 2 – two weeks from today

When: Thu Feb 27, 6pm-9pm (light dinner provided)
Where: Emma, B-side 6 Building, 5th floor

This is in addition to our regular monthly meeting, which is next week.

We didn’t quite get everything covered last time, so we’re having a followup lab to:
– practice recovery (which means we’ll be breaking it 🙂 )
– discuss monitoring options
– check out the human-readable WAL

You are welcome to attend if you couldn’t make the first lab. We’ll have a quick review of what we did, but won’t be spending too much time on it. As with the previous lab, there is no set schedule or exercises – we’ll make it up as we go.

Please come prepared with a laptop with the SR setup of your choice. Bonus points if it’s broken and we need to troubleshoot it. (SR, not your hardware.)

Space is limited, so please sign up in advance:

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