Happy 10th Birthday, Portal!

The Portal Project hosted at PSU is near & dear to our hearts here at PDXPUG. (It’s backed by an almost 3TB Postgres database.) We’ve had several talks about this project over the years:

eXtreme Database Makeover (Episode 2): PORTAL – Kristin Tufte
Metro Simulation Database – Jim Cser
R and Postgres – Chris Monsere (I think this is where we first heard about bus bunching)
Extreme Database Makeover – Portal Edition – William van Hevelingin

Kristin Tufte most recently spoke at the PDXPUG PgDay about current development on this project, which is now in its 10th year. Future plans include data from more rural locations, more detailed bus stats, and possibly a new bikeshare program. We look forward to hearing more about it!