PDXPUG September meeting in 1 week

… ok, maybe a bit less than a week.

When: 6-8pm Thursday Sept 21, 2017
Where: iovation
Who: Mark Wong
What: Postgres BI Performeant & News From the Pg-XL Project

If you missed Postgres Open, here’s your chance to catch one of the talks!

Mark will share performance improvements in analytical / BI workloads in recent PostgreSQL releases, illustrated with results from multiple major versions, and also about what additional improvements might happen in the near future. He’ll will also discuss news from Postgres-XL, the distributed PostgreSQL fork, and how it compares to the current PostgreSQL in this area.

Mark leads the 2ndQuadrant performance practice as a Performance Consultant for English Speaking Territories, based out of Oregon in the USA.

If you have a job posting or event you would like me to announce at the meeting, please send it along. The deadline for inclusion is 5pm the day before the meeting.

Our meeting will be held at iovation, on the 32nd floor of the US Bancorp Tower at 111 SW 5th (5th & Oak). It’s right on the Green & Yellow Max lines. Underground bike parking is available in the parking garage; outdoors all around the block in the usual spots. No bikes in the office, sorry!

iovation provides us a light dinner (usually sandwiches or pizza).

Elevators open at 5:45 and building security closes access to the floor at 6:30.

See you there!