PDXPUG June 15: SQL Antipatterns

2023 June 15th Meeting 6:30pm:8:30pm


PDX Code Guild
407 NE 12th Avenue, Portland, OR 97232
The parking lot is behind the building on Flanders.

Few abstractions and tools have proved as enduring in the field of Computer Science as the relational database model. Due to the diligent efforts of the Postgres team, the Postgres project has an ever increasing popularity in the software world and a fully modernized feature set. One effect of the longevity of the project has been to create a deep pool of received wisdom regarding the use and misuse of Data Models and SQL. Revisit some of the wisdom from a classic of the genre: SQL Antipatterns: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming by Bill Karwin, with updated opinions and commentary to modernize the material. Stay after for pizza and a rousing exchange of ideas on the past, present, and future of SQL and of the Postgres project.

Speaker: Joseph Hammerman

Joseph Hammerman is a Linux Systems Administrator and Database Reliability Engineer with 18 years of experience. For the last 10 years that work has focused on Postgresql database reliability and High Availability engineering practices. Some career highlights include: serving on the iHeartRadio launch team, working at SecondMarket prior to and during their acquisition by NASDAQ Private Markets, and founding and serving on the Squarespace Database Reliability Engineering team. He is currently employed as Technical Lead for the DataDog Postgresql database reliability engineering team. He is a passionate advocate of Free and Open Source software and the ideals that it embodies.

We will also have zoom link available closer to the presentation date if you want to attend remotely.


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