What’s a Chelnik, you ask?

PDXPUG’s official logo is a mask-wearing Slonik:

Hir name is Chelnik. Sort of like Slonik, but different.*

A couple years ago, my co-leader Mark Wong starting making amigurumi, little crocheted stuffed animals. I think he started with Angry Birds, but pretty soon after, he made a Chelnik (the one in the banner on this blog, in fact). And then another…

He took one to PgCon 2012, and donated it to the charity auction, where it netted $500 for The Ottawa Mission.

To date, Mark’s made a dozen of these elephants for sale or auction at various Pg conferences, raising money for donations to the following organizations:
PGUS ($350), The Ottawa Mission ($680), Chicago Hopes ($640), and most recently at PGConf NYC, $1200 for Heartsong.

Thanks to Mark and everyone who’s participated in these auctions.


* No, it doesn’t really mean anything. Beer was involved in the naming.
There’s a tumblr with some photos of the various Chels he’s distributed.