PDXPUG August Meetup: PostGIS

When: 6-8pm Thursday August 15, 2019
Where: PSU Business Accelerator (Parking is open after 5pm.)
Who: Jackson Voelkel

Jackson will discuss the basics of GIS, and the current environment in which enterprise spatial analytics are performed. Considering the many pitfalls of this current system, he will discuss how FOSS tools – especially PostgreSQL/PostGIS – are vitally important for modern spatial analytics. In addition to the PostGIS extension, Jackson will talk about network routing using the PgRouting extension and the interface between R and PostgreSQL. This talk will act more as a showcase of GIS and “spatial SQL” within PostgreSQL than it will nitty-gritty database development.

Jackson Voelkel is a Health Data Analyst on Kaiser Permanente’s GIS Team as well as an Adjunct Professor of Geography at Portland State University. He focuses on developing infrastructure for and performing advanced spatial analytics across healthcare, environment, urban planning, utilities, and econometrics. He teaches courses on advanced spatial analytics in R as well as spatial database design with PostgreSQL/PostGIS.


PDXPUG July Meetup at OSCON: New things coming to Postgres 12

Note location for the July meeting is at OSCON!

When: 7-9pm Wednesday July 17, 2019
Where: Oregon Convention Center Room D135/136

New versions of PostgreSQL usually get released every fall with lots of improvements and new features. Come hear about some of the highlighted changes expected to come in the next new release!

This special edition meetup also welcomes any OSCON attendee.  Also come and meet the local Portland PostgreSQL user group to ask any PostgreSQL related questions!

PDXPUG June Meetup: Accessing Postgres with Java

When: 6-8pm Thursday June 20, 2019
Where: PSU Business Accelerator (Parking is open after 5pm.)
Who: Will McLean

To follow the presentations on accessing Postgres from Python and Scala, I will lead a discussion on accessing Postgres with Java. I’ll start with a jdbc tutorial and finish with adding data access to a springboot webapp.

I have twenty years experience in e-commerce applications, the last eight here in Portland, mostly at Nike.For the last few years everything has been moving to Amazon RDS Postgres, that’s a trend pdxpug can get behind!  I am currently working for Navis on CRM applications for the hospitality industry.

May 16 2019 Meetup

When: 6-8pm Thursday May 16, 2019
Where: PSU Business Accelerator (Parking is open after 5pm.)
Who: Mark Wong
What: Disaster Recovery and High Availability Planning

Learn about the considerations in planning for disaster recovery in order to maintain business continuity. There are solutions available that can help you achieve your backup and recovery objectives by taking advantage of PostgreSQL features, such as point-in-time recovery, and help implement retention policies.

Also learn how to take advantage of PostgreSQL’s replication features to keep your database highly-available, and the basic cluster architectures to consider to keep a PostgreSQL cluster up and running.

Mark works at 2ndQuadrant as a consultant for English Speaking Territories, based out of Oregon. He is a Contributor to PostgreSQL, co-organizer of the Portland PostgreSQL User Group, and serves as a Director and Treasurer for the United States PostgreSQL Association.

PDXPUG: March Meetup: Let’s talk databases in python!

2019 March 21 Meeting 6pm-8pm


PSU Business Accelerator
2828 SW Corbett Ave · Portland, OR
Parking is open after 5pm.

Speaker: Hannah Stepanek

Let’s talk databases in python! What’s an ORM? Is there a way to write database queries so that they are compatible with multiple types of databases? How do you make database changes (such as adding a new table or a new column) safely? What is a connection pool and why is it useful? What are some things that can go wrong when operating at scale? In this talk we’ll take a deep dive into how the python libraries sqlalchemy and alembic make managing production databases simple, efficient, and painless so you can get back to feature development.
Hannah has been working in industry for over 6 years as a python software engineer. She currently works at Hypothesis, a web application for annotating web pages and pdfs. In her spare time she enjoys riding her horse Sophie and playing board games.

January 2019 meetup and new location

When: 6-8pm Thursday January 24, 2018
Where: New Relic
Who: Mark Wong
What: Multi master replication

Happy new year everyone.  As always the new year brings changes.  For instance, we are moving meetup locations.  We will be meeting at PDX Code Guild (https://pdxcodeguild.com/contact_pdx_code_guild/).  They are located at the Business Accelerator at 2828 SW Corbett Ave (https://www.google.com/maps?q=2828+SW+Corbett+Ave,+Number+208+Portland,+OR+97201).  I think you will find the new accommodations quite nice.  And while the location may have changed, some things have not.  We will still have food and beverages available and interesting topics of discussion with other interesting people.

Mark Wong will be giving a talk on the always-vexing topic of multi-master replication with Postgres.

Mark leads the 2ndQuadrant performance practice as a Performance Consultant for English Speaking Territories, based out of Oregon in the USA. He is a long time Contributor to PostgreSQL, co-organizer of the Portland PostgreSQL User Group, and serves as a Director and Treasurer
for the United States PostgreSQL Association, and a pretty nice guy too.

If you have a job posting or event you would like me to announce at the meeting, please send it along. The deadline for inclusion is 5pm the day before the meeting.

Our meeting will be held at New Relic on the 27th floor of the US Bancorp Tower at 111 SW 5th (5th & Oak). It’s right on the Green & Yellow Max lines. Underground bike parking is available in the parking garage; outdoors all around the block in the usual spots. No bikes in the office, sorry! Please the elevator to the 27th floor.  It will be the last elevator bank on the North side of the building. There will be a front desk where you can sign in.

Thanks to everyone for PostgreSQL Day 2018

Thanks again everyone for a great day of presentations and discussion.

First, to our volunteers Michelle, Erik, and Mary Anne: you guys helped make this day possible.  Second, to our sponsors 2nd Quadrant (https://www.2ndquadrant.com/en/), PGExperts (https://pgexperts.com/): thanks for refreshments and support of the conference.  Thanks to Portland State University School of Computer Science for providing us a wonderful space.  Lastly, a huge ‘thanks a ton’ to Mark Wong for helping organize all of us and leading.

As we get in touch with speakers, we will post links here to any slides sample code here.

Grant Holly – What’s new in PostgreSQL 11 (https://github.com/grantholly/postgres_day_2018)