PDXPUG January meeting in one week

Join us next week for the first installment of our “”Founders Series””!

When: 7-9pm Thu Jan 20, 2011
Where: FreeGeek
Who: Mark Wong
What: Android + Postgres

Mark Wong will tell us about a weekend he spent slapping together an Android app that talks directly to Postgres using the Postgres JDBC interface. He’ll focus more on the specifics of the development environment, how to use JDBC to connect to Postgres, and gotchas encountered along the way and not so much on general Android application programming.

Mark Wong likes to hang out at Postgres meetings and has been somewhat involved in the Postgres community over the years. He’s the brains behind pg_top and pg_proctab, and is the current maintainer of DBT-2 and DBT-5.

Beer afterwards at the Lucky Lab. See you there!