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July’s meeting was our official 5-year anniversary. With that in mind, I present you with 5 years of speakers and topics. The topic cloud isn’t 100% accurate, as I tagged the meetings from memory based on their title, but it’s pretty close. At some point I’ll go back and re-do it from the actual meeting descriptions and reviews.

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PDXPUG: August meeting

When: 7-9pm Thu Aug 18, 2011
Where: FreeGeek
Who: Rob Wultsch
What: Lessons Learned From Managing Way Too Many Database Servers

Rob Wultsch, a recent addition to Facebook’s Database Operations team, will compare and contrast the Facebook deployment with his previous work with another large deployment of open source databases. In this db-agnostic talk, he’ll go over: the bizarre becoming ordinary, the many types of infrastructure that do not scale and what does and does not work when building a DBA team.

Before joining Facebook, Rob worked for a very large hosting company as a database administrator and a newspaper as a web developer. In his free time he enjoys riding his motorcycle and bicycle and fantasizes about moving to Portland.

As always, beer afterwards at the Lucky Lab. See you there!