PDXPUG: April meeting

When: 6-8pm Thursday April 20, 2017
Where: iovation
Who: Josh Berkus
What: 9.6 Features

PostgreSQL 9.6 has been out for six months … how many of you have migrated to it? Well, you might decide to stop putting off that upgrade once you learn about a few of the features you might have missed reading about. In this all-demo presentation, Josh Berkus will show off a bunch of 9.6’s key features, including:

– parallel query
– sync replication improvements
– FDW query push-down
– crosstabs
– full-text phrase search
– pgAdmin4

Yes, Postgres 10 will be way cool, but that’s no reason to put off
deploying 9.6 now.

Josh Berkus recently retired from the PostgreSQL Core Team and is currently working for Redhat as the Project Atomic Community Lead.

If you have a job posting or event you would like me to announce at the meeting, please send it along. The deadline for inclusion is 5pm the day before the meeting.

Our meeting will be held at iovation, on the 32nd floor of the US Bancorp Tower at 111 SW 5th (5th & Oak). It’s right on the Green & Yellow Max lines. Underground bike parking is available in the parking garage; outdoors all around the block in the usual spots. No bikes in the office, sorry!

iovation provides us a light dinner (usually sandwiches or pizza).

Elevators open at 5:45 and building security closes access to the floor at 6:30.

See you there!