PDXPUG July 2020: Building a Database as a Service Platform

July 16th 2020 6:30 to 8:30

Speakers: Grant Holly and Bryant Vinisky

Beginning in 2016, New Relic sought to design Megabase, its own RDS for its data center infrastructure. With one of the main authors Bryant Vinisky, we are going to talk about the design of megabase and how it works at New Relic. There will be a dive into how we run highly available Postgres databases with containers, as well as automating the life cycle management of databases. And of course, there will be live demos. It just wouldn’t be an authentic Grant presentation if there wasn’t a demo that blows up.

Stay tuned for more meeting updates.  We will be cross posting on meetup for RSVPs.  The meeting URL will go out around the day of the presentation.  I look forward to seeing everyone.

About the speakers:

Bryant Vinisky has over 10 years of professional engineering experience with Linux and the open source ecosystem, with much of that time concentrated on supporting PostgreSQL in various roles. Currently Bryant is a Senior Software Engineer and tech lead on the Database team at New Relic where he’s spent the past four years focused on the reliability of the backend system that operates at significant scale. Over the past three years in particular, his time has been centered on the development and support of an internal platform for managing stateful containers that house PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.

I am Grant Holly, I’ve been running Postgres in production since 9.2. I work with Bryant on the database engineering team at New Relic. Lately I’ve been into golang, career mentoring, and learning Spanish. I co-organize the Portland PostgreSQL User Group with Mark Wong and Jason Owen.

PDXPUG June 2020 PostgreSQL 13 Beta Preview with Christophe Pettus—Joint Event with San Francisco PUG!

Join us online on June 18, 2020 as Christophe Pettus presents a preview of the PostgreSQL 13 beta.

This exciting new release has many new features, covering a wide range of functionality: Indexing, query functionality and performance, vacuuming, monitoring and status reporting, partitioning, and a host of others. We’ll talk about the highlights of what to expect in version 13.

Christophe Pettus is the CEO and lead consultant of PostgreSQL Experts, Inc., a decade-old independent PostgreSQL consultancy.

7:00 PM Announcements, speaker introduction, presentation, Q&A.
8:15 PM Closing announcements, wrap up.
8:30 PM Event ends.

Link for the GoToMeeting room will be sent the day of the event.

PostgreSQL 13 Beta Preview with Christophe Pettus—Joint Event with Portland PUG!

Thursday, Jun 18, 2020, 7:00 PM

Online event

29 PostgreSQL Users and Developers Attending

SFPUG is going virtual—and we’re doing a joint Meetup with our friends at the Portland PUG! Join us online on June 18, 2020 as Christophe Pettus presents a preview of the PostgreSQL 13 beta. This exciting new release has many new features, covering a wide range of functionality: Indexing, query functionality and performance, vacuuming, monitoring a…

Check out this Meetup →

PDXPUG April 2020: Multiranges and SQL:2011 Temporal Features

2020 April 23 Meeting 6:30pm-8:30pm

Note: This will be an online event. You must RSVP to get the link to the meeting, which will be set shortly before the meeting as we will be using Jitsi. Jitsi can be used directly with Firefox and Chrome (with extension), or phones/tablets with the Jitsi Meet app.

Speaker: Paul Jungwirth

I’d like to present a couple patches I have in-progress for Postgres, the first to add a new type called “multiranges”, and the second to add various SQL:2011 temporal database features: temporal primary & foreign keys, and temporal UPDATE and DELETE. I’ll discuss what these features look like to users and also highlight some of the implementation details behind them.


PDXPUG February 2020 Meetup: DBlink and SQL/MED and FDW, oh my! External Data Access tricks

2020 February 20 Meeting 6pm-8pm


PSU Business Accelerator
2828 SW Corbett Ave · Portland, OR
Parking is open after 5pm.

Speakers: Gabrielle Roth & Michelle Franz

In February, long-term PDXPUGers Michelle Franz & Gabrielle Roth return to discuss DBLINK and FDW, two methods of accessing data that’s outside your database. We’ll briefly mention SQL/MED on the way, and tell a couple of bad (Dad) jokes.

We’ll cover use (and mis-use) cases, configuration of each, and interesting quirks. Gabrielle will attempt a live demo of file_fdw and postgres_fdw. You’re welcome to follow along if you’d like, just show up with a couple of Pg databases: they can be on the same cluster (or container or RDS instance or what have you) or different ones, doesn’t really matter. One of them should have at least one table with data in it.

About the speakers:

From embedded systems to UI to relational database programming, Michelle’s running an interesting path through the software world. Working with databases is her current episode, with some programming, some DBA, some SysAdmin and a healthy dose of learning agile. She’s very quickly come to appreciate and enjoy working with Postgres and her work has allowed her to learn from some super talented database experts.

Gabrielle has been using Postgres since sometime in the version 7s, and thinks that the best part of using Open Source software is the culture of sharing knowledge. She’s a Senior Data Engineer at NS1 and co-founder and former co-lead of PDXPUG.

PDXPUG January 2020 Meetup: Interacting with databases as API’s

2020 January 16 Meeting 6pm-8pm


PSU Business Accelerator
2828 SW Corbett Ave · Portland, OR
Parking is open after 5pm.

Speaker: Alex Theodore

As a CTO I saw everything that went into and came out of the web development process, from the “client needs” to the source-controlled code. But being skilled in database development showed me time and time again that databases (and their architecture) were often sidelined treated as after-thoughts and often times served as little more than flexible storage spaces. Yet, their contents were the very essence of value for the process/client/company being served. This strange inversion of priorities led me to develop a way of looking at databases as “outside” the application and ultimately to interacting with them as API’s. In my talk I’ll be presenting this concept and showing with simple rules and examples how it can be done.


I was the product and technology founder of Fracture.me and CTO up until 2018 where I developed the manufacturing processes and ERP software that powered our production process. That got me deeply involved in database work, especially with architecture and process design and optimization. Now I work part time as a database consultant and part time building modern, minimalistic furniture for my new (small) company MillFinish.com.

PDXPUG October Meetup: Terminal Tools & Database Statistics

2019 October 17th Meeting 6pm-8pm


PSU Business Accelerator
2828 SW Corbett Ave · Portland, OR
Parking is open after 5pm.

Speaker: Mark Wong

pg_top was born in 2007 from a fork of the unixtop, a terminal program displaying top processes on the system, where pg_top focuses on the processes with the PostgreSQL database you are connected to. Recently pg_systat was forked from systat to display additional database statistics.

These tools have can help do more such as explore query execution plans and create reports from system and database resources.

Come learn about the statistics PostgreSQL keeps and how to use these tools to view them.

Mark leads the 2ndQuadrant performance practice as a Performance Consultant for English Speaking Territories, based out of Oregon in the USA. He is a long time Contributor to PostgreSQL, co-organizer of the Portland PostgreSQL User Group, and serves as a Director and Treasurer for the United States PostgreSQL Association.

PDXPUG September meetup: Sharding large MySQL databases with Vitess

When: 6-8pm Thursday September 19th, 2019
Where: PSU Business Accelerator (Parking is open after 5pm.)
Who: Grant Holly

This month I am going to be talking about my current work on sharding large mysql databases with Vitess.  My team has been on a journey towards splitting our largest mysql databases and I want to share my experiences and lessons learned.  We are going to look at the problems and possible solutions to scaling reads and writes in relational databases.

Vitess is an open source project born at youtube to scale their largest and most critical databases.  It has been adopted in as a Cloud Native Compute Foundation incubator project.  With PostgreSQL on the medium-term road map, let’s take a look at what we have been able to do with mysql.

Hi its me Grant.  I work on the database engineering team at New Relic.  I’ve been using Postgres in production since 9.2.  I co-organize the Postgres user group in Portland with Mark Wong.

PDXPUG August Meetup: PostGIS

When: 6-8pm Thursday August 15, 2019
Where: PSU Business Accelerator (Parking is open after 5pm.)
Who: Jackson Voelkel

Jackson will discuss the basics of GIS, and the current environment in which enterprise spatial analytics are performed. Considering the many pitfalls of this current system, he will discuss how FOSS tools – especially PostgreSQL/PostGIS – are vitally important for modern spatial analytics. In addition to the PostGIS extension, Jackson will talk about network routing using the PgRouting extension and the interface between R and PostgreSQL. This talk will act more as a showcase of GIS and “spatial SQL” within PostgreSQL than it will nitty-gritty database development.

Jackson Voelkel is a Health Data Analyst on Kaiser Permanente’s GIS Team as well as an Adjunct Professor of Geography at Portland State University. He focuses on developing infrastructure for and performing advanced spatial analytics across healthcare, environment, urban planning, utilities, and econometrics. He teaches courses on advanced spatial analytics in R as well as spatial database design with PostgreSQL/PostGIS.

PDXPUG July Meetup at OSCON: New things coming to Postgres 12

Note location for the July meeting is at OSCON!

When: 7-9pm Wednesday July 17, 2019
Where: Oregon Convention Center Room D135/136

New versions of PostgreSQL usually get released every fall with lots of improvements and new features. Come hear about some of the highlighted changes expected to come in the next new release!

This special edition meetup also welcomes any OSCON attendee.  Also come and meet the local Portland PostgreSQL user group to ask any PostgreSQL related questions!

PDXPUG June Meetup: Accessing Postgres with Java

When: 6-8pm Thursday June 20, 2019
Where: PSU Business Accelerator (Parking is open after 5pm.)
Who: Will McLean

To follow the presentations on accessing Postgres from Python and Scala, I will lead a discussion on accessing Postgres with Java. I’ll start with a jdbc tutorial and finish with adding data access to a springboot webapp.

I have twenty years experience in e-commerce applications, the last eight here in Portland, mostly at Nike.For the last few years everything has been moving to Amazon RDS Postgres, that’s a trend pdxpug can get behind!  I am currently working for Navis on CRM applications for the hospitality industry.